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A Phasor Estimation Algorithm based on Hilbert Transform for P-class PMUs, RAZO-HERNANDEZ, J. R., VALTIERRA-RODRIGUEZ, M., GRANADOS-LIEBERMAN, D., TAPIA-TINOCO, G., RODRIGUEZ-RODRIGUEZ, J. R.
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Centroid Update Approach to K-Means Clustering, BORLEA, I.-D., PRECUP, R.-E., DRAGAN, F., BORLEA, A.-B.
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A Method Based on Lorenz Disturbance and Variational Mode Decomposition for Wind Speed Prediction, ZHANG, Y., GAO, S., BAN, M., SUN, Y.
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Real-time Multiresolution Crosswalk Detection with Walk Light Recognition for the Blind, ROMIC, K., GALIC, I., LEVENTIC, H., NENADIC, K.
Issue 1/2018



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  2/2012 - 7

A Fast Method for the Alignment of the Displacement of Voxel Data

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Author keywords
data preprocessing, image matching, matching pursuit algorithm, optimal matching, biomedical image processing

References keywords
data(10), visualization(7), analysis(5), voxel(4), image(4), graphics(4)
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About this article
Date of Publication: 2012-05-30
Volume 12, Issue 2, Year 2012, On page(s): 41 - 46
ISSN: 1582-7445, e-ISSN: 1844-7600
Digital Object Identifier: 10.4316/AECE.2012.02007
Web of Science Accession Number: 000305608000007
SCOPUS ID: 84865304740

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A fast algorithm for the alignment of the displacement of voxel data is presented. In contrast to the existing solutions, the proposed algorithm achieves a less accurate alignment, but in a much shorter time. The algorithm consists of two parts: a translation and a rotation. While the translation part of the alignment process is error free, the rotation part introduces a small inherent error due to the finite arithmetic and discretization. Experimental results based on three datasets are presented.

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