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QuestionHow could I submit a paper if I have only E-mail addresses on free servers?
Solution Short answer: You cannot submit a paper if you have ONLY E-mail addresses on free E-mail servers.

Long answer: We require all paper authors to use for contact an E-mail address provided by an institution (professional E-mail). The E-mail address is the single way we may identify an author. In order to better understand this requirement, we give an example: say the author "Surname NAME" send a new submission. Anyone in the world can make an yahoo E-mail "" address, and use it illegitimately, in the name of the real "Surname NAME" person. We had in the past cases where students used their supervisors names as co-authors of plagiarized papers, without informing them, and using a free (and fake) E-mail address as a main contact.

For these reasons, we do not accept - under any circumstances - free E-mail address as main contacts for paper authors. Only the Alternate E-mail address could be on free E-mail providers. Of course, in the paper body (document) you may use any E-mail address you may want. This restriction applies only for the administration of your submission.

You are free to use,, or any other professional and verifiable E-mail address.

We have an incomplete list of free E-mail addresses providers. You are informed at the moment you make a submission about the server being on our list. If the server you used was not on our list and your submission is registered, and we find at the paper check you used a free E-mail addresses provider, you will be requested to change it. Failing to do this will result in your paper to be administratively rejected, without any other comments.

Updated: 2014FEB23
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