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Correction Impulse Method for Turbo Decoding over Middleton Class-A Impulsive Noise, TRIFINA, L., TARNICERIU, D., ANDREI, M.
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With new technologies, such as mobile communications, internet of things, and wide applications of social media, organizations generate a huge volume of data, much faster than several years ago. Big data, characterized by high volume, diversity and velocity, increasingly drives decision making and is changing the landscape of business intelligence, from governments to private organizations, from communities to individuals. Big data analytics that discover insights from evidences has a high demand for computing efficiency, knowledge discovery, problem solving, and event prediction. We dedicate a special section of Issue 4/2017 to Big Data. Prospective authors are asked to make the submissions for this section no later than the 31st of May 2017, placing "BigData - " before the paper title in OpenConf.

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  1/2015 - 19
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A Two-Stage Matching Method for Multi-Component Shapes

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Author keywords
shape matching, articulated shape matching, medical image processing

References keywords
shape(19), recognition(15), pattern(15), retrieval(11), image(10), matching(8), vision(7), transaction(7), images(6), analysis(6)
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About this article
Date of Publication: 2015-02-28
Volume 15, Issue 1, Year 2015, On page(s): 143 - 150
ISSN: 1582-7445, e-ISSN: 1844-7600
Digital Object Identifier: 10.4316/AECE.2015.01019
Web of Science Accession Number: 000352158600019
SCOPUS ID: 84924763811

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In this paper a shape matching algorithm for multiple component objects has been proposed which aims at matching shapes by a two-stage method. The first stage extracts the similarity features of each component using a generic shape representation model. The first stage of our shape matching method normalizes the components for orientation and scaling, and neglects minor deformations. In the second stage, the extracted similarity features of the components are combined with their relative spatial characteristics for shape matching. Some important application areas for the proposed multi-component shape matching are medical image registration, content based medical image retrieval systems, and matching articulated objects which rely on the a-priori information of the model being searched. In these applications, salient features such as vertebrae or rib cage bones can be easily segmented and used. These features however, show differences from person to person on one hand and similarities at different cross-sectional images of the same examination on the other hand. The proposed method has been tested on articulated objects, and reliable registration of 3-dimensional abdominal computed tomography images.

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